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Andy has a passion for helping all people understand the great love of God through Jesus Christ. In his nearly 10 years of ministry experience, 9 of those years as a pastor, he has seen this passion come to reality. He has served in various capacities at churches of different sizes. Before coming to Prosper UMC, Andy served on staff at Acts 2 United Methodist Church, a rapidly growing church planted 20 years ago that now worships around 600 each weekend.

In his 5 years of experience on staff at Acts 2 UMC, he has served in multiple roles requiring supervision of staff and volunteers, development and implementation of curriculum, and fund raising. Prior to that, he had the privilege of launching a new worshipping community as a ministry of Acts 2 UMC called One Church.

Outside of working in ministry, Andy enjoys spending time with his family. His family includes his wife, Melissa, daughter, Anna, and son, Elijah. He also enjoys reading both fiction and non-fiction. Andy’s interests include listening to dynamic speakers, technology, and video games.

Andy says, “I consider it a great privilege to serve on staff with the Prosper UMC team. I am excited to work alongside the people of Prosper UMC as we put God’s grace into action and shine as a beacon of love, help, healing, hope, and joy!”

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