Church Conference

Tell me about the land.

• 39+ acres located on the north side of N. Coleman St. between Preston Rd. and Prosper High School.

• The north border of the site follows the creek line running northwest from Preston Rc. to the north-south tree line along the high school property.

• The west border of the site is the tree line along the High School’s east border.

• The Town already has plans to put in a roadway called Victory Way connecting N. Coleman to Frontier. This is located along the west border of the site. It will eventually be a 4-lane divided road. Construction will begin with two lanes on the PISD/west (southbound) side and eventually will add the other two on the east (northbound) side. The seller has already provided easement for this road construction.

• The Town has confirmed that N. Coleman will be a 4-lane divided roadway and the current two lanes are the nal northside (or westbound) lanes. The property south of Coleman will provide the other (eastbound) lanes.

• The project is currently underway to install a trac light at Preston and Coleman.

What is a Charge Conference?

The charge conference is the basic governing body of each United Methodist local church and is composed of all members of the church council. The charge conference meets at least once a year to set key details for the coming year. When the charge conference is not convening, the authority is passed to the Administrative Council. However, when major decisions are required, the charge conference can be called into a special meeting.

What is a Church Conference?

To encourage broader participation by members of the church, the charge conference may be convened as the church conference, extending the vote to all professing members of the local church present at such meetings.

On April 10th, we will convene as the church conference. The land search team’s work has finished, and the Board of Trustees presented the results to the Administrative Council on March 28th. The Administrative Council is recommending a piece of property as the future site of Prosper UMC and is calling a Church Conference to obtain authorization to purchase the proposed site and to initiate the next steps for building. All are invited to attend and encouraged to participate in the discussion. Church members physically present at the meeting will have voting privileges.

Q&A for Proposed Land

  1. Were any land options considered outside of Prosper city limits? 

    • No. It was important to the Ad Council to keep the church within the city limits of Prosper.  

  2. Why is only one property being presented to the church congregation? 

    • The church’s land committee, alongside the broker, looked at 12 properties over a period of several months.  Through a vetting process, which included an assessment of location, size, proximity to major roadways, future growth of the Town of Prosper, utility availability and topography,the 12 properties were reduced to 2 properties. These top 2 properties were then presented to the Board of Trustees and, after approval by them, to the Ad Council for a vote.  The Ad Council unanimously voted on the property that should be presented to the church. 

  3. How big is the tract and how much of it is in floodplain?

    • Per the survey, it is 39.696 gross acres.

    • Per FEMA Floodplain Maps, 6.405 acres are in floodplain. 

    • Acreage net of floodplain is 33.291 acres.

  4. What can we do with the land that is in floodplain?

    • We can use it for anything we want except build a building on it. 

    • Examples: basketball courts, tennis courts, walking trails, meditation spaces, fellowship areas, parking lots, etc.

  5. How far is the proposed site from the current campus? 

    • The proposed site is approximately 2.5 miles from the current campus on Church Street. 

  6. What will be built north of the proposed site?

    • It is currently expected that a medical office park and possibly residential will be on the northern border of the land as well as residential development.

  7. What is the price per square foot for this land? 

    • The church has the property under contract to purchase for $1.73 per gross square foot or $2.07 per net square foot. 

    • There are 43,560 sqft in an acre which makes this site $75,359/gross acre or $90,169/net acre

  8. Why do we need so much land?  What if we don’t use it all?

    • The site does not have to be built to capacity immediately.  Just as 100 years ago the Prosper UMC church body looked to the promise of the future church growth, we are also looking for a site that will be useful for the church for the next 100 years. 

    • One benefit to having the 39 acres would be that IF a decision is made, at some point in the future, to sell a portion of the tract, the proceeds received from the sale could reduce our cost basis in the land. Example: if we sell some land for $500,000, then our future church site would in effect have only cost us $2.5MM.

  9. Is the land under contract?

    • Yes, but we have the right to terminate the contract if needed.

  10. If we vote “yes,” what happens next?

    • With a Church Conference vote of “yes,” members are selecting this site as the right place for our future church campus.  However, the standard amount of due diligence will be completed (survey, making sure the land is environmentally sound, etc.).   If all reports come back without concern, the process will continue, and the church will purchase the property.  If the reports come back with concerns that indicate the property is not safe, needs a significant amount of investment in order to be made safe, or is not what we expected, the church will back out of the contract and receive a return of our earnest money. 

  11. When could we start building? 

    • The building process involves several steps and the church could begin that process as soon as we would like. 

    • The process will involve:

      1. a design phase, 

      2. a bidding phase to select a contractor,

      3. an economic phase to determine how to pay for what we want to build,

      4. and then a construction phase.

  12. What do we, as a church, need to do after the vote tonight?

    • Continue to pray for our church and the future growth so that we can live our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. 

Sharon Boswell