Rodriguez, Luis 2.jpg

Luis Rodriguez


Luis joined the staff at the beginning of 2018 and has brought amazing improvements. Six days a week, he is on the campus cleaning, sprucing, preparing the campus for another day of ministry and work. From scrubbing toilets, to emptying trash bins he does the work not many want to do. From stocking paper towels and toilet paper to mopping floors and dusting counters, he is the reason why we do not often think about the cleanliness of our campus. Because of Luis and his continued efforts, we don’t have to.

Each Sunday morning, we find the results of his extra work from the night before when we find tables and chairs set up for the modern worship service and in various classrooms all around the campus. He has prepared our front steps for the hospitality of the day, and the pews of the sanctuary are clean and orderly.

If you happen to be on campus after 9pm and encounter him, you find a joyful, smiling, gracious presence. He and his wife, Gracie (who sometimes comes to help him), are the picture of generous souls. They are so kind and helpful. We are so thankful for Luis and his service on Staff.