Our Vision

To Put God’s Grace Into Action and Shine As a Beacon of Love, Help, Healing, Hope and Joy.


Prosper UMC is a dynamic and active congregation!
Our faith is strong, growing deeper as we serve God and community, believing He has called us to be powerful witnesses in our community.

We have a heart for ministry and fellowship which beats throughout our outreach programs, discipleship opportunities, and regular church-wide activities. These programs strengthen our relationship with Jesus Christ, and also with each other. We celebrate a rich church history while embracing change and growth along with our thriving community.

Prosper UMC is home to young families, singles, and retired couples who are devoted to using “prayers, presence, gifts, and service” to their fullest potential. We are Disciples of Christ serving to make an impact in God’s Kingdom, now and in the future.

We invite you to become a part of Prosper United Methodist Church, which has been serving God and the Town of Prosper, Texas, for more than 100 years.