Did you know we have some amazing volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes helping to create the fertile ground from which hearts and minds and souls burst out with new life? Because of their time, attention and sacrificial work, others learn, others engage and others receive the benefit.

Meet Bruce & Brenda Mueller and Rob & Nancy Stogsdill. These quiet servants have given up time and attention and …clean finger nails for the sake of the church. You see, they are masterfully working in the flowerbeds and gardens around the campus. They have weeded, planted, pulled up, pruned and otherwise kept alive many of the beautiful creations that adorn the edges of our church building. From trimming trees to laying mulch, from buying seasonal flowers to transplanting from their own gardens, these folks have blessed our church and the MANY who pass by or come by this campus. The signs of life and creation around the church are absolutely vibrant symbols of the life and creation and passion inside of them as individuals!

We are SO thankful for their selfless service and gracious passion. I hope you’ll join us in thanking them… and join them if you’d like to come “play in the dirt.”

Rob House