Worship Preparations


Did you know we have some amazing volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes helping to create the fertile ground from which hearts and minds and souls burst out with new life? Because of their time, attention and sacrificial work, others learn, others engage and others receive the benefit.

Meet Marilyn Cintron. She has been graciously preparing our Communion elements for quite a while, now. Despite the fact that she lives in Little Elm, she drives over to prepare the cups of juice, the bread and the serving dishes. Even when health challenges for her family have consumed her schedule, she has strived to care for her church family, too. As you receive the elements of Communion, we pray there is a deep sense of appreciation for God’s grace, and now perhaps you can say a prayer, too, for the hands who helped prepare for that moment.

Meet Jon & Trudy Lindgren. These dedicated early-service-attenders not only come on Sundays to worship but also to serve. Our campus stays locked up in the evenings and off hours. On Sunday morning, our hospitality would fail if no one could get in the building. : ) Over the years as this campus has expanded and changed in use, our “opening process” has expanded, too. On any given Sunday, there are 8 to 10 different doors requiring attention. Multiple banks of lights also get turned on – including our center cross above the choir. Extra attention is given by this couple to ensure that worship is ready: from unlocking doors and turning on lights, to bringing Communion up for the early service each week to stocking envelopes in the pew backs and placing bulletins at usher stations. Their service may often be unseen, but their gift is absolutely felt and appreciated!

This little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine.Symbolically, every Sunday, we light candles on our altar table to represent the light of Christ coming into the space. In the 11:00 service, we often have an acolyte who walks the light up to the table and lights the candles. Without fail, the candles light week are week. This is because of the dutiful and loving care of one woman. Meet Cindy Stuber. During the week, she stops by to ensure the candles are filled with oil and supplies are ready. Beyond the candles, she also helps to keep our liturgical colors updated as the season turns. She brings out the special tables for Communion Sunday for our gluten-free stations. She checks on supply stock and masterfully orchestrates the transformation of our sanctuary each year before Advent begins. From ordering flowers for Christmas and Easter (and keeping them alive!) to scheduling our weekly Children’s Time leaders, Cindy has been a vitalpart of worship preparation. Her years of service have touched numerous lives and hearts as many find connection to God in the midst of worship.

Marilyn, Jon, Trudy & Cindy,

Thank you for all you do – from the little unseen things to the bold and obvious. Thank you for being an example to many of what it’s like to offer what you can when you can and to live into the life of this church for the sake of others, for the sake of Christ. We acknowledge you and greatly appreciate you!
With love,
- Your Church

Rob House