Lay Leadership

Did you know … Our church is like a football team?  We cannot score if only the quarterback (our two pastors) play while the rest of the team (that’s everybody else) sits on the bench.  We are all called to be participants, not spectators.

Meet our Lay Leadership Development Team, who helps people get involved. We each have different gifts and abilities given to us by the Lord for His purpose and glory. Connecting those gifts and talents with the needs of ministries is why Lay Leadership exists.

This team identifies, recruits, helps develop, and supports the lay leadership in mission and ministries. In the fall this 12-person team readies us for the New Year by looking for leadership and participation on at least seven committees: Administrative Council, Finance, Endowment, Trustees, Staff-Parish Relations, Mission & Outreach, and Lay Leadership Development.

Identified individuals who accept the call are commissioned by our Administrative Council to then work alongside church staff, other leaders, and pastors. They will engage in innumerable discussions and decision-making that helps make ministry possible at Prosper UMC.   

“A lot of people may not know what special gift or talent God has put in them,” said Lay Leader, Mike Lish. Not to worry or let that hold us back. “The Lay Leadership Team has been working to identify a spiritual gifts assessment tool we might use within the church. The tool will help folks identify their gifts. Then, we’ll connect those gifts to places/ministries where they might best be suited.” 

Or no waiting necessary. If you know where your interests lay, contact Pastor Jason. He will get you connected! With each lay person getting involved according to their abilities and interests, Prosper UMC will thrive and grow for years to come. 

Aeryn, Andrea, Bill, Brian, Bruce, Carley, Hila, Linda, Lynn, Mike, Stacy, and Pastor Jason,

Thank you so much for your gracious gift of time and discernment. Your work helps us link the right people with the right gifts, talents, and passions to the right place where they can serve in the ministries of Prosper UMC. Your work makes a difference to both the individuals growing as disciples as well as the whole church body.                              ~With Love, Your Church Family

Sharon Boswell