What's in a Name? Kid's Cottage

A “cottage” refers to a small sheltering place. Welcome to Kids’ Cottage, the place that shelters our children’s ministry every Sunday and PUMP (Prosper United Methodist Pre-school) during the week. This modest home once served as the church’s parsonage but now serves as a cozy dwelling remodeled just for kids.

The name came from a brainstorming of ideas last October by the Children’s Team: Rebecca Hunter, Lauren Shepherd, Misty Standifer, and Stacy Wages. They wanted to give Kids’ Cottage an identity that best depicted its purpose and ministry – a kid-friendly space that fuels young faith through a welcoming environment, fun activities, and meaningful lessons. 
Transformation took place over several months. Three bedrooms became three children’s classrooms. Kid-sized furniture replaced that of adults. Age-appropriate toys, games, and decorations arrived to beckon children into a comfortable space where they can play and experience the love of Jesus. New, wall-mounted TV screens hang in each classroom for video viewing. A member’s company donated office furniture, which was repurposed to tuck away Sunday School supplies. New fencing for a safe play yard.

And more upgrades are on their way – wall art murals along the walkway in bright, engaging colors. Everything about the remodeled space says “Welcome, kids! You belong here.”  Even to the point of “Door Dads”.  These men, organized by Bree Bakke, Director of Children’s Ministry, stand at the entrance each Sunday and open the door to Kids’ Cottage, welcoming young ones into a fun, albeit often noisy, space built just for them.

Rebecca, Lauren, Misty, Stacy, Door Dads, and everyone involved in making Kids’ Cottage a reality: We thank you for your support in helping us meet the spiritual needs of our children in this dedicated space. Kids’ Cottage makes a difference. Because of you, our young ones will experience the welcome and belonging in a very real way for years to come.

               ~With Love, Your Church Family

If you would like more information about Kids’ Cottage or volunteering as a “Door Dad,” contact Bree Bakke

Sharon Boswell