Youth Grub

Every Sunday evening, a small group of adults gather in the church kitchen. They are the behind-the-scenes supporters who prepare and furnish dinner for Sunday Night Studies. Some are parents of youth, some are not. 

The dinner the adults provide, Youth Grub, is that meal sandwiched between the times 6th through 12th graders gather for games and when they circle up for Bible study. Dinner’s ready at 5:45 PM. Seated in a large square, about 30 youth come to enjoy this favorite Methodist tradition.

Youth Grub does more than feed youth physically. It also feeds them emotionally and socially. School textbooks are closed, phones silenced, and work stopped. Everyone sits by someone and can interact with the whole group. Youth Grub draws these young people together in fellowship and brings a sense of security and belonging. As one parent commented, “I see a difference in my son. He’s usually pretty shy, but I’ve noticed he’s grown a little more comfortable with himself every week.”

And those adults who gather in our kitchen?  They make this youth ministry possible. Would you join this group? Whether a parent of youth or not, supporting Youth Grub is one of the easiest ways to make a difference in the faith journey of our students. It’s one of the easiest ways to live out your affirmation of faith and pledge to support others with your gift of time and service. Simply choose to provide one, two, or all three parts of the meal – drink, dinner, and/or dessert. And the church kitchen is open to you for preparation and cooking if desired.

To Garon Bruce, Hila Cartwright, Barbara Hirsch, Jean Ann McConnell, Lori McGrath, Aeryn Shiffer, Misty Standifer, Stacy Wages, and all who help with Youth Grub, We thank you for your support of this ministry. Because of you, our youth can gather with friends, grow confident in their place at the table and share in the Methodist tradition that nurtures both body and soul. 

           ~With Love, Your Church Family

To sign up, click on Youth Grub at our webpage.

For more information, contact Joel Eichler, Director of Student Ministries.

Sharon Boswell