Lauren Shepherd


Did you know we have some amazing volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes helping to create the fertile ground from which hearts and minds and souls burst out with new life? Because of their time, attention and sacrificial work, others learn, others engage and others receive the benefit.

Meet Lauren Shepherd. Lauren has been a member of the church for almost 5 years. In that time, she has been instrumental in helping our church to grow in so many areas. She quietly works in the background doing BIG things from children’s ministry to Administrative Council and, most recently, to furniture acquisition. At the beginning of the year, her work-life and her love for her church came together to create a major face-lift! Her corporation moved their office location from Addison to north Plano. Because they chose to start over on furniture, multiple floors full of furniture were going to be donated. A small window opened up for PUMC to be one of those recipients. Through Lauren’s connections and persistent drive, our church received numerous pieces of furniture (from chairs to credenzas to desk units and conference room tables) worth thousands of dollars... for free! All around the campus you will see these fantastic gifts. What a blessing it has been!

As we have grown and sought space for new classes and ministries, the opportunity arose to convert the former parsonage on Parvin Street into offices. Now called the Parvin Center, this building houses all administrative offices. Prior to Lauren’s work securing the furniture donation, we anticipated simple, humble furnishings. Now, we invite you to stop by sometime to see the wonderful accommodations. Each time you sit in one of the comfy chairs in the lobby, basement hall or classrooms, or Parvin Center, we hope you will join us in thanking God for Lauren’s presence in our church and her willingness to help her church behind the scenes!

Lauren Shepherd, Thank you for all you do – from the many unseen things to the bold and obvious. Thank you for being an example to many of what it’s like to offer what you can when you can and to live into the life of this church for the sake of others, for the sake of Christ. We acknowledge you and greatly appreciate you! YOU are making a difference!

With love, Your Church

Sharon Boswell