Acolytes, those young robed helpers who enter from the rear of the sanctuary, play a vital role in ministry. These young people are among our church leaders and role models.

When attending a traditional service, watch for them. Their entrance signals the start of worship. Focus on their flame – the symbol of Christ, the true light – coming into our sanctuary world. Follow them to the altar table where they light candles that burn throughout worship, representing Christ’s continuous presence with us.

When worship ends, again center your sights on the acolytes as they take the flame of the Holy Spirit and exit ahead of the pastor. Experience the light of Christ going before us and with us back into the world.

Volunteering as an acolyte is one way 1st through 5th graders can start on the path of getting involved in the church and serving. The 15 boys and girls, who currently play this role at PUMC, recognize its importance. They take their training to heart. With poise and concentration they open and close services each week. They assist passing the elements on Communion Sundays. And they attend to their role when multiple services are scheduled at special times, such as Christmas and Easter.

Acolytes Rex Shepherd, Emma Hirsch, Ben Wages, Dillon Ozanne, Jason McCleary, McKenzie Hardwick, Zoe Pounds, Erick Hay, Christine Rosenbalm, Grace Bakke, Arabella Riley, Kinsley Herrington, Carter Mott, Bella Bruce, and Max Robinson: Thank you, for your faithful service and leadership in our worship services. You’re a role model for youth and adults alike, reminding us that the light of Christ is always with us. Your service makes a difference to our worship experience. And thank you parents for encouraging them in their ministry.
With Love, Your Church Family

Thank you also to Cindy Stuber for coordinating the acolytes and Stacy Wages for scheduling. If your child is interested in volunteering as an acolyte or would like more information, contact Cindy Stuber, at

Sharon Boswell