Audio Video Ministry


Did you know we have some amazing volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes helping to create the fertile ground from which hearts and minds and souls burst out with new life? Because of their time, attention and sacrificial work, others engage, others hear and see more clearly – especially when it comes to audio/visual assistance.

Meet the gracious souls behind the sound boards of our worship venues! Meet Sloan Ozanne, Chris & Ashley Dietz, Bruce Taylor, Bruce Mueller, Steven Vance, Jeremy Kincaid, Michael Hatch, Maddie Hatch, John Williams, Doug Jenney and Joel Eichler. These volunteers (and staff person) have been behind the sound boards and computer screens each service to help fill the worship spaces more beautifully. From the sights and sounds, they help carefully orchestrate the experience. They make the challenging look simple and humbly take on the simple so we can be thorough in our presentation.

Quite often, this is a thankless job. This volunteer position gets more attention (looks and mumbles) during the flops - that happen maybe 1% of the time - than they do during the 99% when all goes perfect. But today, we want to make this a thanks-filled job! We are encouraging you to find each of these folks and intentionally tell them THANK YOU!

Let’s show our gratitude for the sacrifice and vulnerability. Let’s appreciate them for their willingness to lock in their attendance and participation in a schedule/rotation. Let’s honor them in how they help to truly make worship more for all of us!

AV Team, Thank you for all y’all do – from the little unnoticed things to the bold and obvious that’s heard and seen. Thank you for being an example to many of what it’s like to offer what you can when you can and to live into the life of this church for the sake of others, for the sake of Christ. We acknowledge you and greatly appreciate you!

With love, Your Church

Sharon Boswell