Children's Time

Children Listening.jpg

Did you know that almost every Sunday, during the 11:00 Sanctuary and Mission worship services, the children are invited to the front of the church to hear a message tailored for them?  The members of the Children’s Time Team craft an age appropriate message that ties to the sermon, so that children feel a welcomed and important part of the worshipping community.  Each of these volunteers has a special way of connecting with children.

Meet the dedicated members of the Children’s Time Team:  Lynn Lish, Carol Loper, Lori McGrath, Mary Lou Smith, Hope Stawski, Cindy Stuber, Wendy Walker, and the newly joined Jamie Herrington.  This group is committed to helping the littlest in our church grow in their faith.


Dear Lynn, Carol, Lori, Mary Lou, Hope, Cindy, Wendy and Jamie,

Thank you for being committed to serve on the Children’s Time Team.  We know how important it is to pour into the children of the church.  We appreciate your passion for teaching and your dedication to making sure children feel a valued and important part of the service.  We appreciate you! 

Sharon Boswell