Children's Ministry


Did you know exciting things are happening in our children’s ministry? The children’s team is a compassionate and energetic group of dedicated church members who are led and inspired by Bree Bakke, the Prosper UMC Children’s Director.

Many think of the children’s team when it comes to planning events like High 5, VBS, Trunk or Treat, and Journey to the Manger. Over the last 2 years, these ministries have grown, much in part to your generosity. When you give out of gratitude for what God is doing for you, those funds create ministry moments like these.

While these activities are staples of our church, the team has many other exciting things going on! The conclusion of the discernment process in May 2018 identified the Children’s ministry as one of 3 strategic priorities. That decision allowed monies from the sale of land to be carefully invested and strategically directed to key improvements for this ministry. In early July, this charge began to take shape and you may have recently noticed some of the changes!

* Classrooms have been re-designed to serve the dual purpose of Sunday school and PUMP classes.

* Updates have been made to classroom décor to provide a consistent look from room to room.

* Televisions and other technology have been installed in classrooms to allow for engaged and interactive lessons.

But there’s more! In 2019, more updates will be made to the Church Street campus on behalf of the Children’s team to create a safe and inviting atmosphere for families. Keep your eyes open and be prepared to have a full heart as you witness the growth of this ministry.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus reminds us that the kingdom of heaven belongs to the children of God. We are thankful for a Children’s Director and children’s team who cherish the spiritual development and nurturing of our children. We are thankful that we have the means to plan for the future development of our children and the expansion of our children’s program.

Sharon Boswell