Communion Table

Communion Cup Bread.png

We come with reverence to the communion table to remember and give thanks for our redemption through Christ’s sacrifice. Who knew that preparing the church to receive communion entails more moving parts than evident at first glance?

We are blessed at PUMC with a dedicated group of volunteers – like Marilyn Cintron, Cary and Diana Finch, and Colleen Vance – who work behind the scenes to prepare this sacrament – weekly for the early service and monthly for the two late services. Their process includes shopping for full loaves of Hawaiian bread, gluten free elements, and grape juice. They wash and iron the table linens, fill the cups, and prepare the altar and elements for use in worship.

Diana Finch commented, “I took for granted all the steps necessary to get ready for a worship service and communion. By helping prepare communion, Cary and I get to be two of those behind-the-scenes hands.”

As we receive the elements, our communion servers help recapture the spirit of the Lord’s Supper — they remind each of us that Christ gave his life to atone for our sins. They remind children that Jesus loves them.

Afterwards, as with any meal, there’s clean up. And leftover bread is not wasted … several children carry it outside and feed the birds. Some of it might also be placed in a special kit the church offers for taking communion to those homebound.

When asked why she volunteered to assist with communion, Marilyn Cintron said, “This time is special for me. I grew up in a church whose ushers passed the elements from the aisles and down the pew rows.  Now, to take communion from servers who hand me each element, look at me to say this is the body and blood of Christ given for you, and then to kneel at the altar to give thanks … well, that just makes the sacrament a personal and special spiritual moment.”

Marilyn, Cary, Diana, and Colleen,
Thank you, for your dedication in bringing us communion. Your attention to all the details prepares the way for us to remember with awe and celebration God’s gift of forgiveness and love. You help us keep this special time special. We appreciate so much your service. You make a difference.            

In Christ, Your Church Family

Sharon Boswell