We A-Door Dads

Door Dads.JPG

Those men who take 15-20 minutes each Sunday morning to greet and give a high-5 welcome to each child who enters the Kid’s Cottage.

Remember watching a little one head off to Sunday school class? Some quickly wave the parent off and race inside. Others want to be brave, but trembling lips and threatening tears speak to their anxiety about venturing inside without the security of mom or dad. Others let go of the familiar hand only to turn and cling to a leg. 

And that’s why Door Dads came into existence as an important part of Children’s Ministry. “Sunday School teachers are predominantly female, and we wanted a way to involve more men in children’s ministry,” explained Bree Bakke, Children’s Ministry Director.  “So, the idea of Door Dads was born – a friendly face that welcomed and opened the door for each child as they entered Kids’ Cottage on Sunday morning.”

Door Dads smooth the transition from outside to inside.  Their welcome eases tension about letting go of mom or dad, and conveys excitement for what the little one is about to experience without a parent nearby. And, Mom and Dad benefit, too. Watching their young children get engaged eases the parent’s tension from letting go. Instead of worrying about their anxious child, parents can relax and focus on their Sunday school and worship experience.

Will you serve as a Door Dad this coming year?  Requirements are simple: No training necessary.  Volunteers need only be male, know how to open a door (to Kid’s Cottage), smile, give an occasional high-five, and offer a friendly “Good Morning!”  Note: Door Dads do not have to be the father of a Sunday School student. They can be any male – a dad, granddad, uncle, or friend.  You just sign up and show up! How easy is that?  

We need Door Dads each week before the Sunday School and 11 AM worship services. Will you volunteer to join this important ministry?  Just email Bree Bakke at bree@prosperumc.org to find out more. 

Present and Future Door Dads, We a-door how your welcome makes Kids’ Cottage a safe and engaging place that our Sunday School children want to go on Sunday morning. Your greetings set the tone for a positive experience. And you model their way, showing them that everyone, both men and women, play a part in the faith development. Thank you for your ministry to these children.

                                                                                                   With love, Your Church Family

Sharon Boswell