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Did you know we have some amazing volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes helping to create the fertile ground from which hearts and minds and souls burst out with new life? Because of their time, attention and sacrificial work, others engage, others are noticed and graciously received.

It feels really good to be noticed, doesn’t it? When someone reaches out to say thanks for being there, thanks for bravely trying something new. It feels good. We have a wonderful team of volunteers who reach out to guests to help them know we noticed, we saw, we value them.

Meet Christi Kimme, Sherri Williams, Carol Canterbury and Joel Forrest. Each week these volunteers take time to call first-time guests, drop a little gift by their house and when possible simply get to know them. This Hospitality Team is an extension of our church’s love and care. They practice grace and above-and-beyond service to others for the sake of connection and invitation.

The pastors often hear stories from new attendees about how surprised they were to receive a call or how nice it was for someone to take the time to stop by! The pastors aren’t surprised by these responses because they know this team actively reflects who we are as a church. This doesn’t stop the pastors for grinning with pride and appreciation for this church, though. : )

Let’s show our gratitude for the sacrifice and quiet service of this team. Let’s appreciate them for their willingness to represent us week in and week out. Let’s tell them that it’s not just the guests who are thankful for their grace but their church family, too.

Hospitality Team,
Thank you for all y’all do – from the little unnoticed things to the bold and obvious over phone calls or on doorsteps. Thank you for being an example to many of what it’s like to offer what you can when you can and to live into the life of this church for the sake of others, for the sake of Christ. We acknowledge you and greatly appreciate you! With love,

Your Church

Sharon Boswell