Did you know the average first-time guest decides within 3-4 minutes of entering into a church whether they will return? First impressions determine whether strangers remain strangers or come back to become acquaintances and active members of our church family.

In 1970, when Connie and Ronnie Layman first came to PUMC, about 25 members attended. Everyone knew everyone. Handshakes, hugs, and a hearty Good Morning greeted each individual. Fast forward to today. PUMC has grown to three services and multiple small groups. Every Sunday an average of 265+ men, women, and children walk through our doors.

Our ushers and greeters made a difference to Ryan Tohill when his family moved to Texas. “I can remember,” he said, “visiting other churches that did not have greeters. I felt awkward and wasn’t sure where to go. Yet, when we visited PUMC, we were greeted with a smile and handed the program of service. When we asked questions, ushers helped direct us.”

Greeters and ushers hold the key as to whether the people God brings to our church will return. These volunteers have the first opportunity to make every guest feel at home. Even while reconnecting with friends themselves, they stay on the lookout for guests to welcome, answer questions, or personally walk them to wherever they need to go.From their stations in the parking lot – even on the hottest, coldest, and rainiest days – or at entry doors, they are ready with warm greetings. They hand out the Grapevineand order of worship, and collect and count the offering. After services, we find them picking up and cleaning anything left behind.

Even kids can get in on the fun of ushering and greeting. Ryan commented that his 6-year-old daughter loves helping him greet. She always asks, "Is today the day we get to hand out the papers?" What a great way for our children to experience the joy of service.

Ushers and Greeters, We appreciate the warm and loving atmosphere you create for each guest in our church home. You are our role model and front line for the love of Christ, our first impression for each individual and child whether they’re a visitor, regular attendee, or member. Thank you for being there and being you.                                                                                                                                                     With love, Your Church

If you feel God’s Spirit calling you to serve Him as a greeter/usher, contact Misty Standifer

Sharon Boswell