It's All About the People

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When Joel Eichler along with chaperone Caitlin Kramer and a team of Senior High Students (Meredith Hay, Jonah McConnell & Austin Stiglets) arrived at Bryan, TX for their UM Army mission trip, they started on a landscaping project assigned to them. Two days into the trip, part of the group was sent to the home of an elderly couple in need of a wheelchair ramp. In the next 3 days, a ramp was built and a relationship was formed with this wonderful couple.

But the story doesn’t end there... When Joel returned to Bryan 2 weeks later for a mid-high mission trip with JUMMP, he learned that the city was requiring additional work be done to the wheelchair ramp so the Prosper UMC team of Joel Eichler, Hila and Jack Cartwright, Kaylin Herrington, Teddy Jakubik, Max McCleary, and Riley McConnell took on the challenge. What a joy it was for everyone when the permit was approved by the city!

Although the focus of these trips is often on the tasks accomplished, those who take the trips know that it is really about the relationships made with the clients they serve. This letter was received from the clients recently:

“Dear Pastor Jason and the entire church family at Prosper United Methodist Church,

I was recently the recipient of a wheel chair ramp here in Bryan, TX that was built by your amazing UM ARMY and JUMMP mission youth groups. This was the most amazing group of young people that I have ever had the opportunity to be around. The two groups of teenagers, did an outstanding job building me a ramp. I am very grateful and proud of what they accomplished as I know all of you are too.

I have been blessed beyond measure, being the recipient of the ramp, but even more that that having my heart so uplifted in getting to see these teenagers in action building something with their hands and being disciples of Christ. I am truly amazed that having no knowledge of building a wheel chair ramp that in 8 days what they were able to accomplish. It was not easy, they faced many challenges and obstacle with city inspectors, the park manager, scorching heat and even pouring down rain yet their spirit and enthusiasm never faltered. Like true troopers, they keep working through all the obstacles and accomplished their goal.

Of course Joel is a ‘great’ youth Pastor and everyone should be very proud of what he has accomplished with these young adults. My husband and I loved being around these teenagers, listening to them laugh, sing, worship. They brought us lunch everyday and we enjoyed shared lunch time and worship time with them.

I understand a group will be back in the fall to paint and we so looking forward to a return visit.

May God bless each and everyone of you and our heartfelt joy for having been able to share the love of God with these young people, their youth pastor and assistant.

Respectfully yours with sincere gratitude and Love in Jesus Christ,

Betty & Tommy”

To Joel, the Sr. High Mission Team and Mid-High Mission Team,

Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ and modeling your faith through dedication and hard work. Your actions speak volume to those receiving.
With love, Your Church Family

Pastor Andy and the Mission Outreach team are planning to return to Bryan in the fall to paint the wheelchair ramp.

If you are interested in this trip or other future trips, please email Pastor Andy.

Sharon Boswell