2019 Leadership


With the start of this new year, there are annual transitions that are made. Within the church, one such transition is the changing of the guard. Each year, there are individuals who are elected into key leadership positions. The names listed below will work alongside the staff, other leaders and myself in valuable decision making, numerous meetings, countless discussions of actions behind the scenes that will help make ministry possible through Prosper UMC. Today, we share these names in hopes that you will help us thank them profusely for their gracious gift of time, attention and discernment across their tenure.

Administrative Council: Bill Wiley (Chair), Mike Lish, Jessica Ozanne, Doug Fuller, Carol Canterbury, Rebecca Hunter, Lauren Shepherd, Brian Laing, Chuck Stuber, Gary Gleghorn, John Guthrie, Hope White

Finance: Doug Fuller (Chair), Bill Wiley, Mike Lish, Jessica Ozanne, Mike Heischman, Bruce Taylor, Sharon Bevers, Ryan Tohill, Tim Hay, Julie Wiley, Phil Estes, Doug Light

Endowment: Connie Layman (Chair), Bill Wiley, Doug Fuller, Elaine Beck, Steve Wages, John Morgan, Jon Lindgren, Jamie Herrington

Trustees: Rob Stogsdill, Bruce Kimme, Tom Loper, Matthew Cutshaw, Nathan Herrington, John Williams, Matt Rosenbalm, Andrew Busbee, JP Shiffer

Staff Parish Relations: Jessica Ozanne (Chair), , Susan Cox, Cordell Parvin, Holly McCleary, John Ramos, Elizabeth Turner, Joel Forrest, Cindy Daigle, Rob House, Mike Lish

Mission & Outreach: Brian Laing (Chair), Lauren Eichler, Katherine Ramos, Stacy Wages, Steve Bevers, Jennifer Taylor, Mike Lish

Lay Leadership Development: Lynn Lish, Brian Laing, Linda Baker, Andrea Sanders, Carley Stiglets, Stacy Wages, Bruce Mueller, Aeryn Shiffer, Hila Cartwright, Mike Lish, Bill Wiley

Sharon Boswell