Love Buzz Cafe

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Did you know we have some people who have given their time “week in and week out” to make sure that our “Love Buzz Café” operates and is fully set up by the time you show up for worship? They brew coffee, cut donuts, stock tea, replenish water, stack cups, and serve with a smile, all because of their love of God and their desire to be on the front lines of hospitality.

Meet Steve & Sharon Bevers, Joel, Bella & Barlow Forrest, Maddie & Mitchell Hatch and Sherri Williams. These amazing folks are the backbone of our newly established Love Buzz Café! They all have a great passion for hospitality and making sure that the first impression folks have of PUMC is a great one. Not only do they stock and set up the coffee bar each week, Sharon graciously researched Fair Trade Coffee and is responsible for placing orders when we run low. They also grind the beans so that we can get a great deal on bulk coffee each time we order. These folks love to train new people so please sign up to join all the fun on Sundays. And as you can tell, even youth are welcome to help prepare the coffee bar! (Hope you hear the laughter coming from the kitchen each Sunday! I know I do!)

We are SO thankful for their selfless service and overwhelming passion. I hope you’ll join us in thanking them... and join them in the Love Buzz Café!

Steve, Sharon, Joel, Bella, Barlow, Maddie, Mitchell and Sherri,
Thank you for all you do – from the little unseen things to the bold and obvious. Thank you for being an example to many of what it’s like to offer what you can, when you can, and to live into the life of this church for the sake of others, for the sake of Christ. We acknowledge you and greatly appreciate you!

With Love,
Your Church Family

Sharon Boswell