Nursery Workers


Jesus loves the little children … And so do our nursery workers. More than babysitters, their ministry plays a pivotal role in the spiritual development of those youngest attendees who crawl or toddle through our doorways.

“We’re laying the foundation of faith with these children,” said Bree Bakke, Director of Children’s Ministry. Consider how critical that foundation is. In construction, it’s the first thing put down. Everything else is built upon it. The foundation laid by nursery workers, in turn, will be built upon by teachers to whose classes these young children will eventually be promoted.

Meet today’s nursery foundation builders at PUMC: Meredith Hay, Matthew McCullin, Sheila Murray, Elena Myrice, Avery Shiffer, and Irene Warhol.

These men and women serve with the heart of Jesus. They welcome our little ones with smiles and open arms. They talk with the children about the Lord, play music that teaches about God, pray over them, and read stories that introduce a basic understanding of God’s truths and ways. Bree even creates an age-appropriate lesson that is tied to whatever lesson theme is being taught with older children in their Sunday school class.

Our nursery workers offer a nurturing, safe, and secure environment. And they want parents to feel comfortable in leaving children in their care. So, while they will comfort a child who is upset and crying, they also will not hesitate to text the parent if it’s the parent’s presence that is needed.

Bree summarized the role nursery workers fill. “In the nursery, we plant seeds. We may never see the outcome of our efforts as the child grows older. But, when they want to keep coming, we know we made a difference. The children sense they belong and are loved here.”

Meredith, Matthew, Sheila, Elena, Avery, and Irene,
We appreciate so much the love of Christ that you share with our infants and toddlers entrusted to your care. Having you there as a reliable and nurturing presence makes a difference to both our young children and their parents. The foundations you are helping to build will resonate for years to come.
Thank you, Your Church Family

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Sharon Boswell