How We Respond

When we respond to God’s generous love, grace and providence by being generous back to God’s work in the world, we are proclaiming our gratitude and praise.

We know that God has done so much and we want to be part of the ministries that touch lives. When we faithfully and consistently give to the church, it is not only a rhythm of personal holiness, it also opens our church to do abundantly more in ministry. The church’s budget is funded by our giving. Therefore, our church’s impact is directly related to how we engage and share. 

For some, giving begins with what is in our wallet or purse that morning. For many, this grows into intentional, planned giving. One tool that helps us to take steps toward even greater impact is to consider our giving as a percentage of our income. Using this tool, 1) find your household’s income and locate where your current giving falls within the chart, 2) then celebrate that scarcity-thinking and fear have not held you back from giving, and 3) consider taking a percentage step forward. If everyone in our church took a step forward, can you imagine how much more ministry our church could initiate? What an amazing gift that would be to Prosper and the world! God has gifted us with so much; let’s celebrate how those gifts can bless even more souls through Jesus’ love and grace for the sake of the Kingdom.
Will you join us in a faithful step forward?

Weekly Giving Chart.png
Sharon Boswell