Praying Tree

Praying Tree.jpg

Imagine sitting at the base of a tree and looking up. The branches extend outward in many directions covering, shading, and enveloping you. Imagine how comfortable the shade of that canopy feels as it covers you when you seek relief from the heat of the scorching Texas summer sun in August.

Did you know that such a tree also exists when you need relief from the unrelenting heat of life’s difficulties, pains, and pressures? We call it our Praying Tree, and it covers you in prayer. It works the same as a phone tree system set up to contact a number of people quickly with an important message. When a prayer request comes in, we send it via Realm (email) to the Praying Tree team including Betty Hughes, Connie Layman, Lynn Lish, Stacy Wages, and Sherri Williams.  

And right away, these prayer warriors go into action – they pray. Without hesitation, they all agree that prayer for another is one of the most powerful things anyone can do to assist someone in need. Driven by compassion for others, these individuals volunteer to intercede on behalf of each individual and request to fight life’s battles with prayer. They pray specifically, consistently, and regularly for each person by name and request. 

When the Praying Tree team knows the specific need, they ask for what fills it, such as strength, patience, peace, healing, trust, understanding, or guidance. Stacy Wages added, “I also ask God to surround them with others that can provide those things for them and be His light in the midst of their lives.” 

If they know the person but not the need, their prayers are more general but just as fervent.  After all, “I know God knows exactly what each person needs even if I don’t,” said Lynn Lish.

Praying Tree Team,
 Thank you so much for reflecting God’s own character of outgoing love and mercy. Your unselfish concern and prayers for those in need within our church community models what we are all called to do … pray for all God’s people without ceasing. Thank you for standing in the gap for us and with us.   
With Love, Your Church Family

Sharon Boswell