PUMP-ing God's Grace into Action


Did you know … Prosper United Methodist Preschool (PUMP) is one way PUMC puts God’s grace into action for its 70 + children and their families?

- Or that 90% of PUMP pre-schoolers’ families live in our area but do not belong to our church community.?

- Or that 3-5 of those families/year make PUMC their church home even after their young one graduates to kindergarten?

- Or that PUMP’s chapel service may offer the only opportunity for its young students to attend a weekly worship service?

- Or that our Christmas service last December was the only one attended by some families of PUMP children?

- Or that PUMP, after meeting its financial needs, makes a monetary gift to PUMC at the end of every school year and summer camp season?

Research shows life’s pathway for children is largely determined by what they experience in their preschool years. Our PUMP teachers and volunteers understand that. Through Christian nurturing, they work diligently throughout the year to build strong mental, physical, relational, and spiritual foundations for each toddler through four year-old in pre-school.

PUMP has put God’s grace into action for more than 25 years. Originally established as a Mom’s Day Out opportunity, the vision evolved into a Texas state-licensed, certified Pre-School that provides loving care and meaningful experiences to toddlers through four year-olds.

Teachers and volunteers offer toddlers experiences to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, independence, and group cooperation. They provide three and four-year-olds with a variety of activities like creative arts, music, and “specials” – science, math, computer skills, Spanish, and reading readiness. A weekly chapel service is also provided. For the upcoming school year, Sheri Hay, our Children’s Ministry Assistant, will be leading the chapel time and developing relationships with the children through this ministry.

“This is a ministry for both the church and community,” said Mia Gutierrez-Woods, Director of PUMP since 2012. “The school is part of our church’s legacy to the kids and parents who attend. For the community, it is one point of contact where they will get to know Christ.”

Mia, Sheri, PUMP teachers and volunteers: Our sincere thanks for being a beacon of God’s love and joy that shines into these pre-schoolers and the Prosper community. Your work to create a nurturing environment at PUMP is a ministry that indeed puts God’s grace into action. 

                                                                      With love, Your Church Family

Sharon Boswell