Prayer Shawls & Blankets

Prayer Blanket.jpg

Funny how God works. Almost two years ago Marilyn Cintron approached Pastor Jason with an idea to start a Prayer Shawl Ministry. The day before, Catherine Collins had mentioned to him she wanted to start a Prayer Blanket Ministry. Thus, the Prayer Shawl/Blanket Ministry was born. Last year, this team distributed 25+ prayer shawls and blankets to individuals both within and outside of our Prosper church community.

Why This Ministry? Giving a shawl/blanket made with love and prayed over reminds someone we love them, we are thinking about them, and we are praying for them. It reminds them God is hugging them, too. And He will sustain them through whatever good times or difficult ones they’re facing.

Pat Sheehy shared how important these shawls/blankets can be to a person. While she knitted a shawl on the deck of a Viking cruise, a gentleman approached her. After confirming what she was making, he mentioned he received one after bypass surgery. As he lay recuperating with the shawl draped over his bed, he said, “Anxiety vanished. At once I knew God’s presence and peace.”

Who Can Receive a Shawl/Blanket? Anyone experiencing a difficult or joyful occasion. The team receives requests for people facing medical crisis, loss of a loved one or job, anxiety and encouragement in the midst of life’s challenges, or the joy of a newborn, a new marriage, etc.

Catherine remembers the two prayer blankets she received after her twins were born. She found comfort covering their incubators with the blankets as a reminder prayer covered her newborns. Marilyn gifted a prayer shawl to a friend whose husband passed away. This woman said that wrapping it around her shoulders encouraged her that God was still with her and would never leave her. Pat made a special trip back to Kroger to give one to the woman who checked her groceries and now faced surgery.

Marilyn, Catherine, Pat, and Linda, Thank you for answering God’s call to use your talents for knitting, crocheting, and shaping fleece into this meaningful ministry. Your work touches lives in a time of need or shares in the joy of celebration. Your gift reminds another that God is with them; He never leaves them. You make a difference as the hands and feet of Christ.

With love, Your Church.

Sharon Boswell