Student Ministry Adults


Did you know our Student Ministry would not be able to function with out the sacrificial work of MANY volunteers? There are so many areas within Student Ministry that require volunteers that in fact we could not possibly list them all here. Areas like driving to and from events, helping provide meals on Sunday nights, opening homes to meet in and pools to swim in, giving up a week of vacation to lead students on mission trips and summer camps and so many other areas. We are so thankful for the many parents, grandparents and church members that give of themselves to help serve in these areas.

We would, however, like to recognize a team of volunteers who week in and week out help to create a community where students can discover, develop and own their faith; experience God’s grace; and engage the community to share God’s love; through worship, study, service and experience. Meet the team: Ann Busbee, Lauren Eichler Jeremy Kincaid, Karla Laing, Carley Stiglets and Jack Wilburn.

Without these people Sunday School, Confirmation, Sunday Night Studies and Fathom High School Small Group would not be able to happen. This team of amazing people gives up countless hours to pour into our students every week, sacrificially giving of themselves so that students might have a relationship with Christ. They constantly think about our students and see them for who they are going to be not just who they are now; they see them through God’s eyes and help them become who God designed them to be. This group does so much more than show up to lead a lesson plan; they are building meaningful relationships with students that will have a far greater impact on their lives than any one lesson would.

We are beyond thankful for this team and all the ways that they serve our students and provide opportunity for this ministry to grow. I hope you will join us in thanking them, and as the ministry continues to grow, consider joining them and being a part of what God is doing through them and our students.

Ann, Lauren, Jeremy, Karla, Carley, and Jack,
Thank you for all you do. Thank you for answering the call to serve in ministry to and with the current

and future church. You truly embody our vision to put God’s grace into action and to shine as a beacon of love, help, healing, hope and joy. Thank you for being an example of what it is like to offer of yourself and live into the life of this church for the sake of others, for the sake of Christ. You are appreciated more than you could possibly know!

With Love,
- Your Church

Sharon Boswell