Children's Sunday School Teachers

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Our Children’s Sunday School classes are taught by a dynamic team of volunteers who are thrilled to share their passion for Christ with the youngest in the church. The children that they teach are in such a sweet spot on their faith journey, and these teachers are passionate about passing on the story of our faith from one generation to the next.

Meet our Sunday School Team: Betsy Clark, Ashley Collins, Leta Boone, Jamille Fields, Sheri Hay, Talia Hegmann, Jamie Herrington, Dyan House, Rebecca Hunter, Trisha Mott, Lacee Neidigh, Chrissie Ramsey, Lauren Shepherd, Misty Standifer, and Lyndsay Tohill.

Sunday School teachers commit to teaching twice a month, from August to May. This consistency helps to build relationships with children and families. Students are welcomed into the classrooms by happy smiles and genuine interest in making each child feel special. Teachers facilitate games, help with Bible verse memorization, teach lessons, and help each child to make a connection with God every week.

For Rebecca Hunter, teaching gives her an opportunity to share Christian values with children. “I enjoy contemplating the challenging questions they ask and listening to their unbiased reasoning. I realize I don’t always have an answer, but I understand they may seek answers from others who can enrich their spiritual development.” Lauren Shepherd says, “I never thought I would be able to teach Sunday School because I’m not a school teacher. Bree makes the lessons so easy and the children make the hour rewarding. Never underestimate the ability of a 5 year old to show you how to love like Jesus. I feel like I’ve learned just as much as I’ve taught.”

Our Sunday School Team is committed to partnering with families to meet the spiritual needs of all children so they will come to LOVE God, SERVE others, and GROW in their faith.

Dear Sunday School Team,

Thank you for your dedication to Children’s Ministry. Your love for children is so evident, and we are grateful for your time and commitment. You are truly making a difference in the lives of children by planting the seeds of faith each week. What a blessing you are to our church!

Sharon Boswell