Thirst to Thrive Bible Study

When they couldn’t make a morning Bible study due to work schedules, Hope White and Lauren Eichler wanted an alternative solution. They decided to hold an evening study at the church for women in the same predicament.

“I wanted a community,” said Lauren. “At the time, I struggled as a new youth pastor’s wife and what people expected of me. It took a while for the women to get to know each other well enough to share their hearts. But eventually, that happened.”

For 12 weeks, Hope and Lauren co-led the study of Daniel by Beth Moore. By the time the last session rolled around, the small band of women was more than a group – they had formed community. The sharing had increased and deepened.

“This was fun. Let’s do it again,” someone suggested. Thus, Thirst to Thrive Women’s Bible study was born and continues to meet and grow to this day. Faces change as seasons of life ebb and flow. Yet, each week, 8-10 women of all ages still gather on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM. They no longer meet at the church or restaurants, but at Jen Taylor’s home.

As their name implies, they come, thirsting for His Word and thriving on the fellowship. Jen said, “I love opening my home to these women. Our time is about building relationships, and that’s what I was looking for. That’s why we’re here – we go from sharing and crying one week to being silly and laughing until our sides hurt the next.”

“We live out our daily lives together,” added Lauren. “And grow in how the Word applies to what’s happening. Each woman who comes has different experiences and has been uniquely equipped to pour into the life of another.”

Lauren and Jen wish for even more women to experience this type of community. Anyone can. If you long for such community, consider this your personal invitation to either join Thirst to Thrive or form a new study group. During the summer, Thirst to Thrive will share devotionals and fellowship time. 

Once a month we will plan an outing to do something fun like cookie decorating, a painting class, Top Golf, etc. It will be fun :) Just contact Lauren Eichler for more information at See how easy it can be.

Lauren, Jen, and Thirst to Thrive: Thank you for opening your hearts and home to the women of PUMC. You fulfill our desire for close friendship, fellowship, and a place to grow in understanding how God is at work in our lives.
~With love, Your Church Family

Sharon Boswell